Floor Display
assembly instructions

The floor display contains:

1 x Base

1 x Body

3 x Shelves

2 x Stabilisers


30 x Record cleaner

/ The display can hold 18 Record cleaners

18 x Stylus cleaner

/ The display can hold 12 Stylus cleaners

18 x Vinyl brush

/ The display can hold 12 Vinyl brushes

12 x Record cleaner set

/ The display can hold 4 Record cleaner sets

12 x Anti-static record mat

/ The display can hold 6 Anti-static record mats

How to assemble:

Step one: The base

1. Raise the sides of the base upwards 90 degrees

2. Fold the flaps on the bottom of the base inwards for internal support

3. Stand the base upright

4. Fold down the top of the base to a horizontal position

5. Fold the wings of the display inwards

6. Secure the wings by folding down the flap on top and inserting tabs into slots

Step two: Back of display

1. Fold the wings inwards to meet in the middle

2. Fold the flaps at either end of the back of the display inwards

3. Insert tabs into slots

Step three: Shelves and stabilisers

1. Fold down the rectangular flap to face the base of the shelf

2. Raise the sides of the shelf upwards 90 degrees

3. Repeat for all three shelves

1. Fold stabilisers in half to strengthen

2. Repeat for both stabilisers

Step four: Assembly

Important: To stabilise the display, place the heaviest products on the lowest shelf. If you run low on products we’ve added a few more than the display can actually hold so you can top it up.

1. Attach the back of the display to the base by inserting tabs into slots

2. Attach shelves by inserting tabs in slots on the back of the display

3. Insert stabilisers

4. Fill with products:

Lower shelf: 18 x Record cleaner

Middle shelf: 12 x Stylus cleaner, 12 x Vinyl brush, 4 x Record cleaner set

Upper shelf: 6 x Anti-static record mat

Having trouble assembling the display?

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